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Dragonlance: Dragons of the Dwarven Depths

This is the first dragonlance novel that I have finished. I am somehow fascinated with fantasy genre and this is my first time to read a novel of such.

Wikipedia Article: Dragons of the Dwarven Depths

This book may be not a good start for people just wanting to go into the world of Dragonlance. Simply because the plot started already and there are bunch people already in the plot. But as the story progresses, you will be able to know the Heroes (the major people in the story) and some of their past. Well, as you go along and move to other novels of Dragonlance particularly with Weis and Hickman, they will show you other sides and more background of the said Heroes.

So the first book leads to another and another. πŸ˜›


6 thoughts on “Dragonlance: Dragons of the Dwarven Depths

    • hahaha. wee! buti nalang d ako fantasy fanatic. hahaha d ako hurt. gusto ko po kasi mga suspense/thriller ung mga investigative story tapos hulaan kung sino ang killer haha (Mary Higgins Clark in particular)

    • gusto ko rin ng mga ganun books actually. yun lang hindi pa ako nakakabasa kahit isa, except dun sa mga short mysteries like dun sa readers digest.

      ang problema: TIME.

  1. start ka po sa Dragonlance Chronicles Trilogy
    1. Dragons of Autumn twilight
    2. Dragons of Winter Nights
    3. Dragons of Spring Dawning

    then Legends Trilogy

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