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System Failure

One of the biggest problems most services (electricity, water and communication) companies right now is tapping or illegal connections. This is pain for both the company and the consumers as well. We can’t blame these people doing these because they can’t really afford it (or simply they wanted everything free). But risks of fires are greater and health problems for water taps. Though we may say that these big people behind this corporations just sits there and await the millions of money from our dues, still we have the responsibility to pay whatever we are being served of.


Isang araw:

Cable Agent: (Pasigaw na nagaanyaya sa mga kabayahan) XXX Cable! XXX Cable!

Taong Bahay: Magkano pakabit?

CA: Sir, P2500 po.

TB: Ha? Ang mahal naman.

CA: Sir, may Digibox po kasi ‘to e.

TB: Wala bang mas mura dun?

CA: Sir, ano yung gusto n’yo yung walang monthly?

TB: Magkano ulit yung XXX Cable?

CA: P2500 sir.

TB: (Nag-iisip) Hmmm.

CA: Ano sir yung walang monthly 3 years n’yo magagamit. Saka lang mapuputol after 3 years.

TB: Ayoko nun.

CA: Kayo sir.

TB: Tatanungin ko muna yung asawa ko.

Umalis na ang Cable Agent. Wala naman talaga balak magpakabit ang taong bahay ng cable na mas mahal pa sa 2GB na internet. Dumating ang tanghalian at sa TV biglang may commecial na naipalabas: XXX Cable – P280 lang per month.


Where is really the problem here?


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