MG Shin Musha

This is the Master Grade Shin Musha which I think I had bought early this year. Basically this is just snap built out of the box. I just used the foil stickers along with the kit but left the decals aside because I don’t want to mess around with them. I must admit that I am still noobish at this field even though I started collecting/buying/building them a year ago. It’s just that I can’t spend much time and resource to do the modding/painting/detailing part of the hobby due to some priorities I have to manage. But then as for this first gundam kit post, (again with noob photography skills) I am sharing this kit that I had almost wanted to cancel the order due to financial constraints but still appear here for my wife really wanted this kit too. Actually she did around 25% of this kit. πŸ˜€


Shin Musha Gundam

I must admit I have no background at all with Shin Musha’s story. All I know (first hand information without sources, just my random thought sharing) is that there is not “real” gundam Shin Musha at this size, for it only appeared as an SD mobile (see Super Deformed from Wikipedia, other term Chibi). Unlike other gundams, Shin Musha doesn’t have a pilot. From what I heard from fellow MechaPinoys, it has a soul/spirit controlling it (living robot, lol). By the looks of it, it is simply a gundam of samurai style. xD


The hardest pose. . .

Above picture is the hardest of all poses for this one, simply it just can’t hold of his katana’s cover. 15+ times it dropped just for this photo.

More Pics (Click to see full):

ShinMusha11 ShinMusha9 ShinMusha6

ShinMusha5 ShinMusha2


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