SD Gundam 00 Raiser

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SD Gundam 00

SD Gundam 00 Raiser. This gundam appears in the season 2 of Gundam 00. The Gundam 00 Raiser is basically the combined form of Gundam 00 (the mobile suit itself piloted by Setsuna F. Seiei, the main protagonist of the story) and the GN Raiser (the fighter plane piloted by Saji Crossroad, an former anti-Gundam which turned a member of Celestial Being, the gundam organization in the story).

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Got to go. . .

Got to go. . .

Some images of Gundam 00 taken from Infinite Zenith (without permission):

Gundam 00 charging up. . .

Gundam 00 Raiser in flight (or drifting rather, lol. for this one is in space)


12 thoughts on “SD Gundam 00 Raiser

    • more than a year na akong hindi bumibili. mahirap kasi di pa permanent yung place namin. mahirap maglipat lipat ng bahay kapag madaming gundam lol.

      hopefully next year ‘sa amin’ na yung bahay namin hehe.

    • Oo nga. Yun nga palang Zaku Custom ko, naiwan sa dun sa dating bahay. Hehehe. Anyway, naka lock naman yung kwarto kaya malamang mahanap pa yun.

      Mag post din kaya ako ng pics sa blog ko?

    • actually nahihiya lang ako ipost now dito ang mga kits ko kasi di ko pa naayos (nacucustomize). member pa naman ako ng mechapinoy nakakahiya mag post ng mga snap built lang hehe.

      meron din akong zaku custom. cute kasi yun madaming weapons.

  1. Pero parang mas cute yung Zaku pag SD. hehehe. Sa totoo lang, SD Zaku ang dahilan kung bakit nasimulang ma appreciate ng misis ko ang gundam. Kaso, later on, naging Favorite niya yung Sd Nu Gundam. Anliit kasi. Pinagmukha nilang totoy.

  2. Good day to you

    As evidenced by my name, I am the owner of the anime/gaming site Infinite Zenith. ^_^ I’m glad you found our images to be of use. I imagine you’ve explored a portion of the site by now, although I invite you to visit once more to see some of the updates we’ve since added (especially with respect to the Gundam 00 Movie). As to the images you’ve used, since my images are taken via VLC from the anime itself, there isn’t a problem in using them πŸ™‚ I also note that your post was made way back during 2009, which means I have not yet visited your site until now. I bid you the best (as I am a Bioinformatian) in your work.


    The Infinite Zenitih

    • Hi Mr Infinite Zenith

      Thanks for dropping by on my little home here. Pardon that most stuffs are in the local language but I occasionally put some gundam posts here. I am currently on hiatus mode with regards to gundam kit building but i am sure to get back once our future home is set up. Actually all of them are just in the box right now.

      Happy blogging and good day,

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