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Curriculum Vitae

I am currently working as a Senior Configurations Engineer of MISNet, Inc. for Vendavo.

Configurations Engineer, in English, is PROGRAMMER. Senior Configurations Engineer, in Mathematics, equals Configurations Engineer plus two years.

Collegiate. I graduated from Adamson University in October 2006, bearing the diploma for Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Looking back 7 and a half years before that, in that same university in the year 1999, I enrolled up in a Computer Engineering course. What happened?

(To Do : Insert the long story here. x_X)

I started out college as a DOST(Department of Science and Technology) scholar but was eventually removed from the program because of personal struggles (black sheep struggles xD). Somehow, I see that happening as a blessing in disguise for in shifting (Forced to Shift) to Computer Science I found my calling. I find myself as a thinker with a splash of creativity. So being around programming logic and problems, is very easy (as I may say) for people who has the passion to solve and analyze such mysteries. No matter what the task is, there is no hard task for people who love doing it.

Dream job? Game Developer (too bad Iโ€™m noob to C Programming and havenโ€™t handled anything 3D)

High School. I went to Francisco School in Baesa, Quezon City for the first two years of secondary schooling and then transferred to Ismael Mathay Sr. High School (formerly GSIS Village High School) in Project 8, Quezon City because my parents are unable to send me and my incoming freshman brother to the private school.

Primary. Nearby our house stood the school I attended for my elementary years. Thatโ€™s Leopoldo B. Santos Elementary School.



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