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Why Cheesecake?

I may say that the name cheesecake had evolved from so many names that I used mostly in gaming and internet life.

Basically it all starts with the word “CHEESE”. It is just very simple to understand. I love cheese. Period. lolx.

It started in Counter-Strike way back in college. It is only in college that I was introduced to PC gaming. Before that, I was only used to console games (thanks to a friend, for I really don’t own a console during those times) and arcade (well, in the malls and those illegal ones). It is actually in Starcraft that I first play, but I can’t remember what name did I use that time. So going back to Counter-strike, I had these teammates / friends that I usually play with. Soldiers (or Terrorists) we were, they used up the names Kirby and Yummy, back then I was Cheezy.

A huge line of game titles came after that. I even used the name bulbasaur for pokemon was such a big hit that time even for people like us. I picked bulbasaur for my personality is like him (it) that is not being the one in the limelight (like pikachu) but still did a great deed even as a supporting character. I’m not really a shy person of some sort, it is just that I wanted to do things not just to get noticed. I’m not a show-off person, and I believe doing like those gets better rewards (heavenly rewards). Often, I will not consider myself a leader, for I also believe that the best leaders are those best followers.

Then in the later years of college was the turn of the gaming age. Since this time on, the only game people play is DotA (Defense of the Ancients, a mod map for Warcraft 3)). The melee Warcraft-ing is short-lived, that as soon as DotA began, all just play it.

From there, I was known cheesecake. Simply add cheese, and the sense that it is just “a piece of cake”.

For additional bits:

cheezy sounds almost like my nickname.

– the word cheese, or keso locally, is coined in the card game Magic: the Gathering (which I did back in school days) to pertain to spells or abilities (esp. Red) to strike direct damage to target creatures or players.

Maybe, thats just it. xD


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