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Top PSP Games of All Time. . .

To start things over, I will tell you that this post will disappoint you for I will not be noting everything on the list citing only the games that I know. I guess it’s not worth it to provide everything yet I just know the game only that time I saw it on the net. I am afraid that I can only give those games I don’t know of with bad judgment or review. Again, the comments I will be giving is of my own and feel free to comment or suggest if you want to.

Just yesterday I found this article from PSP IGN entitled “Top 25 PSP Games of All Time” (I can’t provide the link now due to Internet restrictions here, just search for it :D). Well again I actually didn’t take note of the exact order in which the games I will present landed but I’ll just approximate.

(Links from Wikipedia)

Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness landed at the top 25 of the list. This game is one of my favorite games in PSP. I may guess that my play time for this one is more than 30 hours, though with that amount of play time I would tell you that I was just at the half of the total package. This power leveling RPG originally game out of the PS2 console as Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. Power leveling? Well, just tell me another game that has a 9999 maximum level. Not only that the max level is of that number, also you may want to “rebirth (go back to level 1)” your characters for they are more powerful the next time around. When I first played the game, I thought it is a pretty boring RPG (was doing the tutorial that time). With that, it had to sit in around for months until I retried it. Few hours later, it hooked me with its RPG style and it comic story. The basic game itself is just a walk in a park, while having to unlock special characters in special stages is the tough one. Another feature of the game is the “Item World” wherein you can strengthen your equipments by battling those so-called Item Specialist. The farther you go the stronger the enemies and the better the rewards. I definitely recommend this one. My main character, Laharl, landed around lvl7000+ (with at least 5 “rebirths”) when I stop playing it XD.

note: I’m now playing Disgaea 2 lolx

Final Fantasy Dissidia is at the top 5 of the list (I hope that I am right :D). This is a cross over of all the major characters and their nemesis of the Final Fantasy titles from 1 to 10. I know fantasy fans will surely get this one and it is a pretty good game overall. I must admit that I didn’t play these games except for the PS2’s Final Fantasy XII (not the X-2 which is girlish lol). My wife is ecstatic playing the game (she’s the FF fan :D) specially Squall for she played the FF8. I really thought that this game is an “RPG” but when I played it, it is actually a one-on-one battle game. The learning curve of the game is pretty deep for it is packed with HEAVY CUSTOMIZATION. The developers of the game maybe assumes that we know the stories of the characters included that is why the story of Dissidia is somewhat shallow (this is just me). Maybe they just want us to play the games from FF1 to FFX so that we can familiarize with these guys lol. If you are not a fan of figthing games then I bet that this is not for you. It simply looks like Street Fighter that has character stats, leveling and customization (again, this is just me). But other than those I had mentioned, still Dissidia is a very good game to play and “watch”.

Landed in number 2 spot is the game of the gods called God of War: Chains of Olympus. Here in its PSP port, the game tells about the past of Kratos before going to the story of God of War I in PS2. Nothing has changed much in the game, it just solidified the gameplay thus removing the problems the franchise have in the previous titles. This game looks pretty good on the PSP. Well for fans like me, this game rocks. This game turns you to a murderous monster with blades in chains though :D.

note: God of War III in PS3 comes out March 2010.

Many ranted about why this game is the best game of all time for PSP.Β  In my view, somehow I think this game pretty deserves the top spot for this game has a huge audience base. Almost everyone can play it and it is pretty much amusing if not addicting. I’m talking of none other than… PATAPON! These one eyed critters really rocks that even cosplays we attended have these being worn (cosplayed, better). What I can say to those guys who rants that Patapon doesn’t deserve the top spot, well IGN did their list just go make your own. Or maybe they haven’t tried the game yet.


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