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PSP Error 80020321

I was playing Disgaea when I had to turn off (standby actually) the game to do another thing. Then what happened is that the psp flashes (this happens like when you hit the brightness button to toggle brightness setting). When I got back and turned on the standby game, the psp crashed (in state of panic lol). I restarted my psp, tried to tinker with configuration settings, formatted the memory stick and copied back the ISO games and SAVEDATA. Still, the error “The game could not be started. (80020321)” popped out when running the ISO games.

So I tried to look for an answer from the net and this one really helped alot.

Karol Krizka’s Blog

note: It’s better to use firefox to view his blog or IE 7+.

I don’t want to rewrite everything for I am really a noob regarding PSP Firmwares but then just read his advice.


For a quick answer to the problem above, just go to the configuration menu of your PSP’s firmware. You can go to this menu by shutting your PSP off then turn it on again while holding the R button or simply hitting the Select button while on the PSP Home (the screen you into when not in games or applications) for higher firmware versions. Go to the UMD Mode (or UMD ISO Mode) setting, then find the M33 driver -No UMD- (or simply M33 driver in some firmware). Simply exit after doing so.



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