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Monster Hunter : Great Sword

Great Swords. This is my favorite weapon among the 9 available weapons in Monster Hunter. I will not make anymore reviews for the game itself for just landing down here to this page simply means that you know the game already. Also, Monster Hunter has been around a year or two I guess. It’s just funny how critics badly review the game, citing camera issues and lack of storyline (MH doesn’t really need a storyline but I think it will be best if it has) yet still play and even recommend it.

I think I have spent less than 20 hours playing Monster Hunter Freedom 2. When the Monster Hunter 2 Portable G (Monster Hunter 2G, Japanese yet there is a English Patcher), I immediately switch to it since there is a lot more content and I haven’t gone too far on the earlier set. So after 50-70+ hours on the game, I have pretty much grasped the game and found the weapon of choice. A friend asked me to play with him, and i tried to find my saved game with no luck. The 50 so so hours is gone.

What did I do? Started from nothing in the US Release of Monster Hunter 2G: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. Many players complained about the release of not having much “bonus content” as to the previous release. It just had more monsters, added a map, smoothen some mechanics (like send to box options) and balanced some things, nothing more.

In 30 hours of gaming in the new MH Freedom Unite, I managed to rack up to open the Elder 4 quests. Hours consists of completing the Kut-Ku set, upgrade weapons, create Barbaroi Sword and Kut-Ku Stave and little farming. I found myself lazy enough to gather pokke points using the “Egg Farming” method to upgrade the pokke farm.

Around 80% of the missions I have finished I have used Great Swords (even though most suggest it doesn’t fit killing the monster). So what does GS have?

It is cute: Having a big sword on your back is like having a huge Gatling gun or a mega rocket launcher beside you.

It has power: It sits among the weapons with high attack power.

It has block: Even though I rarely use it and it eats up sharpness, it is very useful in some situations (like Gypceros’ Flash Attack).

You can roll: Evasion is the biggest defense.

It has reach: Like lances which can hit high targets, you can hit tall monsters in the face with the forward slash attack (triangle button) to get ears, horns, whiskers etc.

It hits multiple enemies: No problems in crowd control.

It has charge: Three levels of charge to increase attack damage. Time is nicely and BOOM!

It has slow attack speed: See “it has power” xD.

You can’t run: Being that big, you are unable to run. Here’s what you can do. Hit-sheath-run-hit-sheath-run-potion-run-hit-sheath-trap-charge-kill. xD.

It throws out allies: Hitting allies will make them like baseball and you having a baseball bat. So watch out.

Still it’s up to every hunter what weapon they are comfortable with. For each weapons have their pros and cons. Happy hunting.

Image from: Monster Hunter Wiki


5 thoughts on “Monster Hunter : Great Sword

  1. Monster Hunter Unite is a game for the PSP. I can lose myself in hours of game play solely because it just lets you explore and discover new items in a new realistic way. Monster Hunter Unite can be a multiplayer game, in which you and three friends can forget about time all together.
    Welcome to Pokke Villiage. This tiny town huddled in the frigid mountains is temporarily free from all of the dangerous beasts lurking in every corner of the world. Humans and cats gathered here live a tough life in the cold northern climates, but they all share a sense of community and wholeness. You can see all of them traveling about in the opening credits, and there are warm reminders like Felines running around in your kitchen to help you remember that sense of home. For me, Monster Hunter was a pleasant distraction from life’s chaos.
    So there I was, barely aware that I was sitting at home on the couch with my PSP in hand. Myself, my room mate, my husband, and my best friend had just finished connecting our PSP’s so we could play together. One of them asked, “So what is our first quest?” Every quest that we accept is due to some unfortunate event. Be it a little boy needing us to gather herbs for his sick mother, a little girl chased home by raptor-like dinosaurs, or an entire man’s flock of Popo’s lay dead. With your friends, you are not alone. There is a certain pack sense that you can take with you that I find very primitive. As well as sharing in the humor or devastation that wait for you in the future.
    Monster Hunter Unite is a killing game as much as it is an adventure game. You are the monster hunter, the one who goes out into the wilderness and brings back the necessary food and supplies for the entire village. The monsters range from small to big to frickin huge, and it’s a kill or be killed game. Sometimes running away from monsters in fear for your life, is an option. Actually that is my most preferred way of hunting.
    So you can go on these quests when you are playing multiplayer. The game starts you off small. Just a few gathering quests where you have to collect mountain herbs and small things like that, and some small dinosoar like creatures. The higher your hunter rank (HR), the more quests you can choose. I am at the HR level 3, which is pretty good. I’m no pro yet, but I’m not new to this forte either.
    There is a little bit of story to this game. You are the story. Instead of watching a movie, you are living in the movie. You make the story. That is the Magic of Monster hunter.

  2. Thanks for that lengthy post of yours Draden Lovelorne, too bad you haven’t posted a site of yours here too.

    Yes, people do comment about MH’s lack of story line. But really I believe like you that it doesn’t need one. They also rant about the camera when really, you cannot put more commands to control the camera when you have no more buttons to put it on. lol.

    You are lucky to have that group of yours to hunt off with you in the game. I often do hunting solo and rarely do I have a hunting party. Busy schedule and late shifts prevent me from doing so.

    I am currently at hr5 and hr6 quest but still having a hard time. I am not ‘PRO’ yet and really there is a big difference dealing with high rank monsters. One small ‘unraged’ hit can cut your life in half, while the raged attack can definitely kill you in one shot.

    Well, I suggest you need to play more now to finish Unite since I heard rumors for a MH3 for psp. xD

  3. I love Monster Hunter on the Psp. Large and varied weapons .. Fantastic design … Lovely monsters. I’m in love with this game.

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