Personal Musings




September 24 – October 23

Libra like the things in proportion and balance in all situations. Libra can be changeable in Libra ideas and moods. Libra are tactful and diplomat, an inborn ability. Have a strong sense of justice, fair minded. Libra are quite pleasant, charming and love peace and harmony. Libra are affectionate and make friends easily. So Libra social life will be profitable, providing opportunities for Libra success. Libra dislike conflict, tension and discord. Fond of company of opposite sex where Libra feel pleasure and so Libra can win a war without a blow as Libra greatest weapon in Libra charm.

Libra are fond of beauty in all forms, courteous, hospitable, easily appeased and enjoy the society. Libra have strong conjugal affection that Libra do not consider anything else more important than pleasure. Fond of opposite sex, argue with clarity and foresight. They have warmth and charming manners. Libra are full of charms and manners. Libra want to enjoy the life to the full. Libra should forget and forgive. Check Libra expenditure. Libra have everlasting friends and can be relied in love. Adjustable in nature. Expert in love affairs as Libra are most lovable. Libra passions rise and die quickly. Libra love to live in high standard of living.


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