Chicken of the Sea

I had this dinner Chicken of the Sea Chunk Light Tuna in Water like the picture above but the bigger version of this one.

Earlier at home I was opening the can while my son Asher is asking me to share him some. So I did gave him and prepare the rest for pack lunch (dinner!). After a few taste, my son immediately told his mom that he is done for the meal leaving alot behind. My wife told me that again, she is always the one clearing up the kids’ plates. So she tasted it too and complained about the taste. She asked me to try too. And I think the tuna was OK.

So in the office, I had the tuna (almost straight from the can) with rice for dinner. The verdict:

The meat doesn’t look like chunks but corned.

It looks like it has been soaked in years.

The expiry in the can is 03/19/13. So I can keep it for 4 years? lol.

It is rich in iron. It even tastes like iron. The tuna tastes like the can itself. xD. (i have no reference for the first sentence, just compensating the punch line).



I better go for the local canned tunas here.


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