Arce Dairy Story

Just last November a new Robinson’s Market opened out near us thus creating a convinience of not having to go far to do groceries. So one time we went out to buy some stuffs to stock up for the week. In our basket landed this Arce Dairy Sugar Free Ube Lite (Ube = Purple Yam :D) as per the kids’ request.Β  So I told Jho, my wife, to instead get this ice cream instead of the other brands (Selecta, Nestle, etc.) because it is cheaper at P108.

When we got to pay for the stuff. We notice that the receipt boomed out and we reviewed it seeing that there is this one item that costed P410. To our suprise it was that picture above that had this P410 price tag.

In fairness, the ice cream justified its price. In a sort of a food review, this ice cream is sure to satisfy older people and is likely not to be readily liked by the kids. Very milky taste (for being Sugar Free) and a lot of Ube bits.

The bottom line of this post? Marketers should be much responsible in telling people how much a product that they sell REALLY cost. It may be my negligence that the P108 price is for a so so liters of ice cream and that i didn’t check how much of an ice cream in that can that i got. But having no price tags on the shelf ( in this case the ref where the ice cream is place) or on the can itself should not be forgotten.

In another story, my mom shopped also in Robinson, for an item of some price. She took it because of the cheap price but noticing after in the receipt that the price is a peso or so higher than the price tag.

I am not against Robinsons. But all i am asking is that they should do a better job.


2 thoughts on “Arce Dairy Story

  1. I had exactly the same experience. I was surprised that the price was 400++! No tagprice, and the other regular flavors (not lite) were priced way cheaper.

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