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Ikariam’s Downfall

As of today me and my group had played Ikariam for more than a year now. We have build an alliance from ground up, meeting and losing people (players) along the way. Yet, we are still here playing the game.

A few months ago, Ikariam globally patched their version 3.2 promising alot of changes in the whole system. And yes, they really changed alot of things in Ikariam. The new patch brought alot of aesthetics and cool feature on the game. New units, new buildings, new research system and some other stuffs. But what’s most important thing that this patch brought is the new battle system.

They have made the game a little more realistic by assigning flanks to your troops so that each troop has their specific roles in battle. Like, Bombadiers kill Mortars, Mortars kill Walls, Gyrocopters kill Bombardiers, Steam Giants and Hoplites tanks, while Archers and Gunners do long range. An added factor also was the Morale system that played an important role in battle.

So what’s the point here?

Instead of attracting more people to the game, the new version not just scared off new users but also gave old users a bad impression. For one, we have lost alot of General Score with the new patch (which is just minor factor for me).Β  Second, the developer of Ikariam (Gameforge) may have forgotten that Ikariam is JUST A GAME, NOT A LIFE. The new battle system require alot of time and troops management. You basically should know what troops to send to battle out the opposing forces otherwise you are just hoping that he just have army of mortars as you send your bombardiers to his town. Numbers is also not a factor at this time for sending a million troops will not win versus a single troops if the former has no morale at all. Also, with the new system, the battle ground has limited slots that supporting an ally in attack or defense is “BASICALLY NOT POSSIBLE” for even your supporting troops will come in qeue.

The new system is cool. The battle system sucks alot.


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