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Having a new look…

I am getting this “Structure” theme for a new look. It is simple yet effective  and you can personalize some aspects of the theme itself such as the background or add widgets on different panes. Heavily customizable for a free theme. The ‘dropdown’ for treed pages is awesome too. Thanks and kudos to it’s creator.

You and preview yourself this WordPress theme.

All I have to do now is decide where to put each and everything…


7 thoughts on “Having a new look…

  1. Hi there, I have decided to use this theme as well, but I’m really confused on the home page widget… I don’t know how to ‘erase’ that big white box on top, or how to add an image to it (it’s the one beside the homepage top right widget), and i guess yours is somehow deleted. Can you tell me how to do that? thanks a lot!

    my blog is:

    • Hi Marcella,

      I am not sure but I think we can’t remove the HOMEPAGE TOP RIGHT pane of this theme. However to answer your question on how I removed the ‘Featured Picture’, I simply went to the Appearance > Theme Options then chose Reset Option.

      Basically the idea of this ‘Theme Option’ is that you can show a featured post from a category you have chosen. If there is a picture in the post that is now featured, the theme will simply get that picture and put it on the front page. However, if it doesn’t, I will just show a huge gray box like you have in yours.

      Hope this helps xD

    • Aha, I was looking at this answer BUT also I wondered, How i can add the pics of new post …Do you know ?? …I like this theme too.. THANKS A LOT but if you could answer how to appear the new posting picture… would be really really great… 🙂

  2. waw… Thanks a lot!

    it really helps 😉 at first I don’t understand any of it… 😉 I really like this theme but I don’t like the huge gray box… it’s really distracting and I don’t know how to ‘delete’ or ‘add’ image to it… many thanks! 🙂

    Marcella 😉

  3. @Aisha

    I don’t know exactly what you mean if it is also about the featured image or simply adding pictures onto your posts. Well you can add pictures on your post by clicking the Add Image button where you can see the Upload/Insert text. The icon looks like a box with a box in it.


  4. Thanks for your help figuring out how to even get a picture in that big blank space, but I really don’t want to put on in. You mentioned you got it out by hitting reset options. I did that and still have a big blank spot in that area. My posts didn’t move up like yours did. Any other tricks to get rid of that blank space? Thanks

  5. Hi Jenn,

    As I have mentioned earlier, I guess we are really sorry that we can’t put it out. But as it suggests we can just utilize the area by putting a widget on it. Let us just live with it and be creative with it.

    I actually think of creating a special category. Create a post with an image on it under that category. Then make it as a featured post/image. Now I can control what will be on the “Homepage Top Right”.

    Your ideas?

    PS: your homepage doesn’t work hmm xD


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