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The End Has Come

For those whom I owe an explanation, well, here it goes.

How long have you been playing Ikariam?

I have been playing I for over a year now with some people still in the game now.

So you have been playing for that long then what is the reason you quit?

There has been so many factors that made me the decision to quit. One major reason is that when the latest patch had been released, it simply made the game take away “the life” of it’s players. On a personal note, I think that people get into such games for it doesn’t quite need a lot of time. You just need to get into it once or twice a day and you’re good. But now, you need to get in front of your PC for a long time just to watch over your land over some other players doing the same thing. This is one of the major reason I believe that most player resigned from the game.

Still, I did consider the “camaraderie”Β  amongst the original people I had played with for the past year. For I believe Ikariam is not just a game but also a socio-political warfare among real people (also childish ranting warfare xD).

Yet comes a turn around in life that I wanted to reduce the amount of things that I am doing and committed to do. I may have grown tired of doing so many things and that Ikariam has just been of the responsibilities I can’t commit myself into anymore. Responsibility? Yes it is. An officer or a simple member of an alliance you maybe, you are responsible amongst your allies. You are in debt to support in attack or aid in defense. Your allies expect you to be there in time of need, so somehow you are responsible.

Lastly, technical difficulties. Due to the limited time during the night and that my home PC broke down, I guess I have no more to explain.

Vacation mode? Well I just thought that it has been decided on. Nothing more to turn back on with.

Why did this quitting just came all of a sudden?

I just don’t feel the need for a limelight exit. I wanted to be just a normal player quitting Ikariam. The silence will bear no commotion. πŸ˜€

Why did you delete your account when you can just give it away?

We as people are living with principles which some event won’t falter for the rest of our lives. I have one that goes:

“Give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for the day. But teach the man to fish and you’ll feed him for his life.”

I guess that explains it. Anyways, there are a lot of accounts out there to giveaway. You can have them instead.

Are you putting all those play times to waste?

I may have lost a more than a year of “Ikariam work” to waste, but as a whole I believe it is not. I had known people at get known. I had paid an honest deed and was given back respect. I had gained friends, true friends. Nothing wasted.

Final words?

I may have left the Ikariam world but I am alive and well in the cyberworld. If you got something just don’t hesitate to call my attention.

Good Luck to you all.


6 thoughts on “The End Has Come

  1. u may have left the ikariam world, but as what you’ve said,wer’e still alive.. our friendship won’t end in the ikariam world!!!


  2. salamat kaibigan sa paglalaro ng ika.. at naging bahagi ka ng alliance naten.. sa huling testament.. sulat ka kaibigan.. lol ^^

  3. Get yourself fixed dude, i’m also thinking the way you just did right now… i can feel also that the ikariam game is so much burden into my IRL…. Good luck to your decision…

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