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Tumble Tumblr Tumble

After sometime doodling on WordPress, I have found the blog’s strength in creating long posts and information. The themes are there to suit your blogging style (yet if you really wanted to fully customize or create your own, you have to pay for it). It has the tools that greatly help you on blogging and the
“Dashboard” is really helpful giving the user heads up on whats happening in and out of his blog.

But what’s missing?
On a personal point of view, it doesn’t look good for one liner posts.

So I have decided to create a Tumblr account. I just wanted to find a way to posts quotes, phrases and shout outs on a single line. They have a wide range of themes and I believe you can create for your own (I hope I am right), and with that, just browsing for themes in their “Theme Garden” takes a while to load because of the long list of themes available for you.

Let’s go tumbling in Tumblr.

My Tumblr Blog:


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