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Someone is not Doing His/Her Job

Company:  Globe Telecoms

Request: Transfer of Landline/Internet Connection

Background: We had moved to a new house to rent recently that is why I ask Globe, the service provider, to move the communication services unto the new location.

Call Details:

May 17 2010: initial request, Globe agent told that the transfer will take 3 days. the cost of transferring, FYI to future “requesters”, P2,100.

May 18 2010: called in to inquire about the P2,100 fee and why is it too pricey. i told them I still have the apparatuses (modem, phone unit, cables and splitter) that was used, thinking that the fee will include replacing those mentioned. they simply said the fee is for the transfer only, and that the cost for transferring on the same area (let say just a few blocks away) is just P900, otherwise it is P2,100.

May 19 2010: (info from May 21, 2010) They said they have already deployed people unto the site to survey for availability of service.

May 21 2010: had ask Globe to instead move the “transferring” on Monday (May 24, 2010) reason why is because the PC broke down and it will be useless to connect and test the internet without a PC.

May 24, 2010: nobody came, the PC was repaired.

May 25, 2010: called them and said it will be followed up

May 26, 2010: the same as above

May 27, 2010: the same as above but this time we ask about a fee adjustment because of the “no usage” of their services, they said it should have

May 28, 2010: (more than 10 days after) had ask for a manager to handle the request, but to no avail. they said there is no manager available that time. again they told me that they will followup the request. this time, which is quite annoying, they told me that I should have requested this concern on a service center not on their customer support.


Company: RCBC Bankard

Request: Request for Authorization

Background: Last year, we don’t have a land line at home. And because there is a need from time to time to ask the said company for our credit card account status of my wife, we called in to ask for authorizing me to be able to so.


3 calls about a few months ago: to request for the authorization. they said they already did yet the 2nd and 3rd call doesn’t seem so.

4th call, May 26 2010: to finally request for the authorization. they said: Only the Principal or the Supplemental card holder may able to do so. Enough said.

I am not against the people working with these kind of jobs. What I brag about is their policies and processes which leads to customers like me.

As my title says for this posts, it only implies to me that:

Someone is not Doing His/Her Job

PS: Thanks to the autosave feature of wordpress because my firefox crashed a little earlier ago and I almost lost everything I had typed here lol


10 thoughts on “Someone is not Doing His/Her Job

    • siguro dapat pumunta ka na sa office nila. kasi kung phone lang, talagang di ka nila papansin.

    • yun na nga actually yung ginawa ko. yung yung hinihintay ko bukas.

      at dahil dun napagalaman ko na…

      wala silang standard na proseso kasi magkakaiba iba sila ng sinasabi

      kung meron man, hindi nila tini-train ang kanilang mga employees dito

      at kung tini-train man nila e, baka hindi lang nila ginagawa ang dapat nilang gawin

      ps: no offense sa mga nagwowork sa Globe, the post says it all

  1. Doing this from a net cafe. Globe is TOTALLY DOWN now. I just sealed a deal with a client about a new project which requires me to have reliable internet access that can download in the gigabytes region. Globe is definitely not it.

    And oh yeah, on the commute home, I heard on the radio that their selling their Tattoo USB at half the price now. LOL. Their selling “no product” at a discounted price. That’s what I call creative marketing!

    • yep, chambahan lang talaga minsan na may malalasin. or rather swerte lang kung maayos ang serbisyo sa iyo ng provider mo.

      its either swerte ka talaga o katabi mo yung site ng Globe.


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