Personal Musings

When It Rains It Pours

Why is that when problems comes in our way, they always come like a storm.

They come as if the whole world wanted to drown you.

Destroy you.

Kill you.

Or just break you into pieces.

So just you know everything looks good, all of a sudden everything just turned upon you in an instant.

In deep thinking you will eventually find the reason why.

That these things happen because of your own fault.

You had ignored things that matter.

You didn’t do those small task that in the end collaborates to the big thing.

The problems had become a small snowball rushing down a snowy mountain side.

You are at the bottom waiting for the avalanche to swallow you down.

But you had forgotten it is you who put that snowball in the first place.

We are human and imperfect after all, you will say.

A lame escape to the unthinkable.

It is simply too bad that ‘self destruction’ is forbidden.


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