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An Open Letter To Mama Alice

Hi Mama,

I would like to greet you a warm and merry Christmas and we are hoping that you are well when you got this one. We aren’t able to message you this past days because our internet is acting up (again and again, the same reason we are going to apply for a different one). Actually I am doing this letter on a PC shop just nearby.

First of all, I would like to personally thank you for the endless support (financial) that should have been just my own responsibility. We could have not surpass challenges without your help. So when you ask me through Jho what I wanted for myself, I just tell her that what you provide for us is just enough for a personal gift for me. Again, thank you.

Next is that we wanted to say sorry for not yet able to process papers to reunite with you in Canada. No more excuses and promises that would be made, but just plain actions. We aim going there that is why we are going to tell you results rather than plans.

Lastly, we are praying for your safety and health as well as your studies and work. As much as we wanted to help you in another way, all we can do for you now is to hope for your best and pray for you. We all have challenges given to us by God, for a sole purpose, that is to make us better people. We would be happy if the prayer is granted but should something is really not for us, then there is a higher reason.

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God bless and take care.
Jc and Jho


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