I’ll SIOMAI Love To You, HOPIA Love Me Too

This is the first time I will be trying to create/cook siomai. Again, hindi perfect pero not bad for the first time. Walang hopia dito. Even as the title says, siomai recipe lang meron dito. Hindi ako marunong mag-bake. Lol.

English mode on, for cases someone from ‘out there’ will drop by here.

Personal Notes:

This is a graphical presentation of how I did it. I will tell you what ingredients I have used and what steps I did to make this, but I am sorry that I never mentioned about measurement. I somehow cook by instinct (lol). Instinct that caused me some blown up cooking experiments but at least great(?) dishes the next time around. Still, I can give approximates on some.

Basically it will all boil down to your ingredient preferences, but the golden rule in cooking is not to cut off the ingredients (please help give a better expression than this, lol). You will be the one eating it anyways.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the meat I used is PORK (this is in case I really do have to mention). You can add Shrimps and Eggs which is really recommended but I didn’t in our case because Joy has allergy to those stuffs.

Here are the Steps

The Mixing

Button Mushroom (you can use Shitake if you want, minced) and Turnips (also called White Turnip or Water Radish, grated)

Carrots (grated)

Onion (minced) and Salt to taste. I must admit, one of the skills I lack is the 'Knife Skills' so this picture clearly shows how lazy I do mincing. By the way, I used shallots here but next time I will use the local onions (the violet one), because it is much thinner than this one.

Parsley (minced) and Ground Pepper (which I add a lot, depends on you). Also added some Oyster Sauce to taste. You can add other flavors if you want but basically these and the meat (of couse), are the essentials (except for the Oyster Sauce which I just added).

The dirty step which I need not to explain. Estimates: Meat - 3/4 kls, Turnip - 1 large piece, Carrots - 2 medium size pieces, Shallot - 1 large piece, Mushroom - around 10 pieces

The Wrapping

I honestly don't know how to do this at first until my wife saw how I do it and corrected me immediately. Here's what she told me. Place the wrapper in your hand like a bowl or something as shown above.

Scoop a generous amount of the 'mixture'. "Hindi yung tig-2 pesos lang"

Press all sides as well as the bottom just to flatten the base. Be sure not to press to much because the wrapper easily breaks when wet.

The Cooking

Not perfect for the first time. I forgot to take pictures while cooking but you just have to put spaces between each of them to avoid sticking to each other. STEAMING TIME: 15 - 25 minutes

Eating time. See the onions? Lol.

Until the next cooking time…


46 thoughts on “I’ll SIOMAI Love To You, HOPIA Love Me Too

  1. Hahaha..natawa naman ako nung sinabi mo na tig 2 pesos.. hahahahahha lol. Salamat naman sa step by step.. kahit ako naman walang sukatan minsan.. waaaaahh! Yum yum..namiss ko tuloy siomai king

  2. Dude, ano yung turnip? Singkamas ba yun o Labanos? Hehehe.

    Nga pala, I think the words you’re looking for are: (a) to not hold off on ingredients; (b) to not be cheap about ingredients. (My dad was soo cheap that He had to buy Botia Meat blindly because it was the cheapest meat around. Well, it backfired coz after all the cooking he did and as he took the first sample bite, he had to declare it as “Bad Food” and we had to reserve it for the dogs. I think this has happened for at least four times throughout my childhood); and (c) to experiment with different ingredients spices and proportions.

  3. Libreng tip: Just in case nasobrahan ka sa won ton wrapper, imbes na itago sa ref hanggang matuyo at mabulok, isama sa sopas na niluluto. Kahit ihulog mo lang sa chicken broth OK na. Cook it like pasta.

  4. @all

    super busy kaya ngayon lang ako nakapagreply hehe

    @yanah, barry, salbe, sarah, athena

    ako den nagugutom na ngayon hahaha. tinignan ko lang sa youtube yung basic pero di ko na tinandaan ang lahat ng details. mas gusto ko kasi ako mag-devise ng sarili kong tactics. at least ok naman results.


    di lang itsurang siomai, lasang siomai den

    @pong, kamil

    syempre kapag bibili ka usually maliit. this time ikaw naman gagawa kahit malaki pwede. sayang nga di ako nakakita ng wrapper na malaki para gagawa ako ng siomai na kasing laki ng siopao hehehe.


    try mo kahit di masarap sa umpisa. practice makes children.


    turnip – singkamas πŸ˜€

    yung suggestions mo incorporate ko sa sentence sa taas


    luto lang ng luto ser. di ko rin naman alam na passion ko pala magluto until mag-asawa ako e. madami na rin akong nasirang putahe. putahe talaga.


    naisip ko tuloy gumawa ng la paz batchoy sa idea mo. la paz batchoy na hindi ko rin alam lutuin pero ta-try ko πŸ˜€


    actually ginawa ko yun. kaso nadudurog yun sibuyas. paglabas sa kabilang side ng grater, tubig na lang hahaha


    san nanggaling yun? sa outer space hehehe.

    note: dahil sa post na ito, nagkaron ako ng wp searches na: ‘use SIOMAI and HOPIA in a sentence’.
    xD xD xD

  5. Hmmm like ko to. Mahilig din kc ako mgluto. Parang pang lumpiang shanghai din ung ingredients mo. Masarap mgluto ng pancit molo ung mom ko, namiss ko tuloy nung makita ko ung pagwrap mo ng siomai πŸ™‚

    Keep cooking, cheese πŸ™‚

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    EDIT: had edited the spam link, baka may magbalak na i-click e.

    • yep, i checked your email (as commenter) and already knew your e_wing. pinakita din ito sa akin ng kaofficemate ko. the same set of messages like yours. will try to also get info from here. hope it gets resolved.

  7. I’ve just checked the link he gave me and found out that it is dangerous according from Trend Micro. The website is apparently registered in China, possibly from Xiamen.

    • got this:

      What to do to fix it?

      1. The first thing you can do is to change your YM password. This works in most cases; But if symptom persists…

      2. Use a malware software removal tool. There are lots of free ones you can use.

    • Check your computer first for keylogger programs.

      And I think if your YM got hacked then probably your email too since they are both connected to each other.

    • I actually don’t know, but it seems to be an added feature to my 1-year subscription (bundled with the purchase of my 1TB iomega external hdd)

  8. WOW SARAP SARAP! PABORITO ko ang siomai kaya nung nasa pinas ako tambay ako ng siomai house!! henlin!! at iba pa!!

    gusto kong gumawa nyan dito sa saudi kaso kahit anong hanap ko wala akong makitang molo wrapper, pano ba gumawa nung wrapper na un!!

    P.S. ang susyal ng siomai nyo expose ang laman! ^^ ibig sabihin hindi tinipid sa laman hehe!

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