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Happy 4th Bithday Jan Asher Jeremiah Idulan Elorde

March 6 na diyan alam ko. Pero dito March 5 pa lang kaya ngayon lang ang greetings ko kay Asher. At dahil wala akong magawa, nangalap lang ako ng mga pictures ni Asher simula pa noon. Here is the twelve that I chose from the rest.

(In case you wanted to back read about him, here is the link: (o_O))

One of the earliest pictures ni Asher. More or less about a month old pa lang siya neto. Ayaw ni Jho na picturan yung bata na natutulog kasi 'masama' daw. Anyways it's still one the cutest picture he has. We even have a framed picture of this.

This image file originally named 'unang dilat'. Maybe its because this is one of the first ocassion that Asher opened his eyes to the world. Now I wonder where those 'unang paligo' and 'unang paaraw' images are.

The very first time that I see him (shortly after he came out in the world), I doubted if he really is mine. As the time goes by, nobody should wonder.

As I remember, this was taken when we went out to eat in Pizza Hut.

Asher on a the stroller. This is the time when he started to mumbles things and began like talking to us in his own words. I am thinking of putting up a youtube account to upload the video version of this one and the other stuffs.

Another sleeping scene on SM Foodcourt. No words to describe this one lol.

This was taken during the outing of the ITPDP-2 (work batchmates) in Pansol, Laguna in the summer of 2008.

Picture taken in our first den in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan.

Mr. Little Bean.

As he grows older, he also grows up being 'pasaway'.

His dark and quiet times. Hindi lang itsura minana pati love of games. Btw, PSP yung hawak nyan. Konti na lang, hunting partner ko na to sa Monster Hunter. Maybe on Monster Hunter 4 pwede na.

Got the balls? One of his recent picture which is also in the another post.

Sa pag-uwi na lang ni Daddy babawi sa dapat na celebration now. Out of town tayo for a swim. Hindi naman halatang love na love ko yung mini-me ko?


11 thoughts on “Happy 4th Bithday Jan Asher Jeremiah Idulan Elorde

  1. Pwede bang sumama sa swimming? huhuhu
    tama mini-me mo siya. kamukha mo siya sir. syempre naman anak niya kasi yun Pong.
    adik lang ako

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