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For the past so-so years (more that six  for sure), Defense of the Ancients or more commonly referred to as DotA has became the most famous of all the games out there. The fame all began when people got bored of the ‘time consuming’ MMORPGs and a mod from Warcraft 3 came out that will require you around an hour (most of the time less) average to finish the game. Nevertheless, if you already know DotA or simply heard of it, then the rest is history.

Recently, DotA 2 has been announced. A very wise move they did to promote the game is no other than holding a tournament of very famous (and professional) teams around the globe. Basically, the game isn’t out yet but is due this year. So the community already has a good look on what to expect on this much talked about game.

So far, this is what I see (and expect) from how it looks from the streaming and replays of the game:

The game is still what the original DotA is. I could say they need not to call it DotA 2 but a better looking DotA. From the environments, heroes and abilities, creeps, items etc. are still the same and so will the game play. As expected, they have to change everything about how things look like to avoid trademark issues against the WC3 and Blizzard.

Much of the comments I read in the youtube replays of the tournament says that they don’t like the graphics of the game. They say it is dark and gloomy. I actually don’t care much about this one because for me, the game looks better in this rendition (not sequel). Though, I must say that most of the Radiant (the new name for the Sentinel team, Scourge is now Dire) heroes and its creeps look like villains.

Since we all know that DotA is simply a WC3 mod, then patches came really abundant. Now that it is a standalone game, I am just thinking how few (or none) patch releasing will be implemented for this new game.

I would assume that the game will be on an online platform. It will be nice in a way because players will be able to gauge how they fare by looking at their and other’s rankings.

Speaking of ‘online gaming’, I wonder how bandwidth will play this in game. Tunnel please?

One of factors that gave way to the fame of the original game is that you can play it locally through LAN. Even I prefer this scheme for it is more fun playing people you see, shout orders (or trash talk), and if the game gets messy; you can stand up and hit the person in the face.

I don’t normally play DotA as much as I did few years back. I don’t have the time and most of it I just simply play AI. Why not go GG? One word: QUITTERS. I know these losers are everywhere, eventually in the new game as well.

The system requirements are not yet out but I assume standard systems can run the game. Standard means 1GB video and 4GB RAM.

I earlier read in the Wikipedia entry of the game and saw something about Trademark issues but currently was removed. I don’t know if it has been resolved but I simply says that Valve should not use the name DotA for the game. Yes it is true that the game came from Icefrog, but after that, most of the things that makes the original game now came from the community. I even remember contests about hero descriptions, hero remakes and make-own-hero thing (Puck was the one). Bugs, imbalances and gameplay improvements came from suggestions (and complaints) of the players around the world that really help the game as it progresses.

DotA2 Heroes Poster. You can actually buy each of the four posters at around $5. It's unfortunate only US residents can order these.

Verdict: I am not sure if I will get the game or not. If it is basically the same game that I get for ‘free’, why go and get the other one? Diablo 3 instead?

PS: I wonder if I would post something about Mineski next?


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