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Dragon Nest SEA

What is Dragon Nest?

Dragon Nest SEA is a just another MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, too long hence the abbreviation). Or maybe not just another, since the game set itself apart being an online action RPG. It’s actually been years since my last MMO because of the fact that it gets a lot of your time getting stronger in it (and the popularity of DotA). I just saw this game from a shop, then tried it myself. Now, me and my wife are grinding in it.

SEA is for South East Asia (server). I know there’s Korean and North American server though I’m not sure if there are others.

What are the Game Features and Strengths?

Start with four basic classes: Cleric,Warrior, Sorceress and Archer.

New character creation screen

These four basic classes will branch into two advanced classes once your reach Level 15. And when you reach Level 45, you can again choose between two paths to advance. In summary, 4 basic classes, 8 advanced classes and 16 more advanced classes. As of today October 18, they’re patching the game to have a maximum level of 32. Yeah, only the Korean server has the more advance classes as they have the maximum level 50.

Thrilling MMO Action. No click to attack and wait monster to die here. Every action is controlled by the player.

Cool Graphics. The characters and environments are sweet-looking (anime/cartoon like). Skills also look amazing. You will be able to see in your character the equipments you equip and the weapons you wield.

Quests and Storyline. Hundreds of quests to do (or thousands?). Storyline backed up with cinematics. So no more bland leveling.

Character Customization. There is actually no Stats customization. You basically groom yourself with the equipments and heraldries (stat and skill upgrade, though you only have limited slots to equip) you equip.

Party and Friends. Party up to four people to sweep dungeons and nests. Befriending party members also give bonus experience.

Player vs Player. Tired of those monsters? Then pvp 1v1, 2v2, 4v4 and 8v8. Think that’s a lot? Go Guild vs Guild for 32 players each (not yet implemented in SEA).

Screen and Video Capture. Get pictures using the PrintScreen button. Record videos using the Scroll Lock button.

Wow the game is cool but I know there are weaknesses. So?

I know this is just an opinion but the “Hundreds of quests to do” is really a lot. Lol.

Since it is an action RPG, you really have to play the game. No lying lazily in front of the computer. Lol again.

You can’t see your headgear equipped. Though I believe there is a reason behind it (buying premium hats) but having it adds the distinction.

You know crappy computers? They are the computers you can’t play Dragon Nest with. Read between the lines. (O_o)

You may choose to or not to buy Premium Items (costumes, trading tools, upgrading tools). They are pretty helpful but costs a lot.

Clerics and Warriors are male. Sorceress and Archers are female. You can’t create a female cleric or a male sorceress.

Now I need to sleep again. I think the servers will be up 2 hours from now (Saint Haven Patch).

I know I am sleepy and if I missed something, then I’ll update later.

Here are some screens and videos for you to enjoy.

Me and my wife's digital alter ego.

Scarlet General Ummanba and his escorts. He is the minotaur nest boss.

In action! (Yeah I know I am still weak :D)

Me: You are dead Mino Boss. Gen. Ummanba: You too!

Level 32 Skills Preview

Dragon Nest SEA is brought to you by Cherry Credits. You can download the game client there.


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  2. A lot of people tend to invite me to try Dragon Nest SEA, but considering the current state of the game, it seems like I’ll be wasting money for this, so I refused.

    (looks at the date) lol 2011 pa pala πŸ˜›

    (looks at my comment) still applicable.

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