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Day Four: Seven Things That Crosses Your Mind A Lot

Completion: 4 out of 10

1. If you are into Magic: The Gathering cards, one thing crosses your mind often: what deck(s) to build. Your head starts to sort out cards, combos and synergies that you can make use of (also with the help of the mighty internet). You dream of bringing this deck onto a local tournament sweeping each player and take home the bacon (and fry it for breakfast). Sometimes I even think of being a Pro Tour Champion. In case you ask, it also means MtG World Champion.

2. What to eat. If you work in Makati and you don’t have a baon, your mind will start asking yourself what to get for lunch. Immediately, you already have three options: KFC, McDo and Jollibee (Chowking the needs few more walk, Mang Inasal is not an option because it is always crowded). The good thing is that we have the Jollijeep. So the next question is, what ulam to get. Plus, I also need to consider the cholesterol and the calories. Anu daw?

3. Next thing to post. Lol.

4. Financials. Earnings, expenses, bills and everything about money. What to buy and what not to. Especially during the days that fall on the 15th and 30th. Money just stays a few hours and then flies away.

5. The kids. I am thinking about their present and their hopefully good future. I also think about the future third baby who is still under negotiations.

6. Jonalyn.

7. The last item in my Eight Ways to Win Your Heart post.


12 thoughts on “Day Four: Seven Things That Crosses Your Mind A Lot

  1. naalala ko yang jollijeep na yan pero dati sa may bandang ortigas.

    lokohan na namin yung dapat klaro ang order mo sa tindero/ tindera

    pabili nga ng ulam…yung di panis
    pabili nga candy…yung walang langgam
    pabili nga ng chicharon..yung hindi makunat.


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