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Arowanas: The Urban Legend

This post is insipired by Daniel’s Silver Arowana post.

Back in college, I felt that I am not into petting dogs or other four legged critters or land animals. Maybe because that time, I am still quite devastated back when I was little that our dog Brownie (because he’s brown), died in front of me (he was hit by traffic while playing with me). So in college, a friend/classmate of mine got me interested in fishes.

I cared for many fishes back then. Unfortunately I don’t have any right now (that is why I wanted to have them again). There was a time that I cared for a Malaysian Arowana (Green Arowana).

From Wikipedia

From Wikipedia

If I am right, I think I got it for P1500 against a P500 Silver Arowana of the same size. If I had the option (or cash), I will get the Super Red Chilli Arowana of the same size for P5000, lol. Most people attribute the fish of good luck. For me, it was simply beautiful.

During those times, back in 2006, Jonalyn and I got ourselves a pair of Samsung D500. It was not a high end phone that time but still on the higher end of the spectrum. Talk about a couple phone. One day, I was a school as she was at hers too. We keep on constant communication using our new phones. That day, I got a message that she was in SM Fairview on her way home. I kept on texting her until no response came.

Later, I just learned that she was robbed of her two week old phone. She even blamed (thoughtfully) me what happened because I texted her alot. But thank God, nothing bad happened to her. Even if she was mugged robbed by three men.

On that same day and that same afternoon when the crime happened, my healthy 12-inch Malaysian Arowana, died of unknown reason.


15 thoughts on “Arowanas: The Urban Legend

  1. Aaaw, poor brown-colored Brownie and pitiful green-colored Arowana.
    I’m glad for Jonalyn… I mean, that she was safe despite what happened. πŸ˜‰
    They say Arowanas bring good luck perhaps in the perspective of your post, your Arowana still brought you good luck, or I think so.

  2. she was mugged by three men??? mugged? as in ginulpi s’ya ng tatlong kalalakihan? naospital ba s’ya? maswerte pa rin nga at buhay pa si misis. grabe yun ah.

    ilang beses din kaming namatayan ng mga alagang aso habang merong may sakit sa amin. matandang kasabihan na silang mga alaga ang umaako sa kapalaran natin pero may hiwaga pa rin.

    • i am very sorry! wrong choice of words. πŸ˜€

      akala ko kasi same lang ang meaning nung “mug” at “rob”. anyways inedit ko na din kaya thanks. wala naman nangyari sa kanya nun. sa may open area siya sa labas ng SM Fairview nung nangyari yun kaya good thing na rin kasi if ever na may masamang balak yung tatlo, e mahahalata ng iba. nilapitan lang siya at tinutukan ng kutsilyo at hiningi yung cellphone. buti iniwan pa sa kanya yung sim.

    • ah ok, yung part na yun ang nakagulat sa ‘kin habang binabasa ang post na ‘to. kasi sa panahon ngayon, pwedeng-pwedeng gawin ng mga kawatan ‘yung manggulpi ng ninakawan nila basta mapag-tripan nila.

      buti na lang kahit konti eh meron pang konsensya yung mga naka-engkwentro ng misis mo.

    • that’s the sad part on other cases. kung talagang pera lang habol nila, sana hindi na nila saktan o kunin ang mga buhay ng mga biktima nila.

      God bless at ingat dyan ser RP.

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