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I am lazy to post this knowing how it had already ended. What the P.

Maaga ako nagising kanina. Six in the morning. Hinanap ko kung anung oras ba magsisimula yung laban nila Pacquiao at Mayweather sa internet. Sabi naman dun. 12 noon pa likely yung main event. So pinilit ko ulit matulog pero hindi ko magawa agad (C.o.C at PS Vita), but eventually din nung mga 9 am. Tapos nagising ulit ng 11am.

Siyempre nagmadali na akong bumangon at na-prepare para pumunta sa Town Hall Hotel Balmain Bar as suggested nung boss kong Aussie. Sabi nga ni Ron, Town Hall level 8 lang daw.

In there, I was surprise to see that all of the tables are reserved. Nagkamali nga ako ng in-order na Jalapeno Fries because I was thinking it will be a long ‘show’ and I would just eat another (main meal) one later. But then how will you eat if you are standing. Sana isang full meal na lang agad.

Jalapeno fries and gravy. $8.

Jalapeno fries and gravy. $8.

While I was waiting for my order someone came up looking for a table and ask me if all the tables are now reserved. Told him seems like it. As he was about to pass by and go back downstairs. I noticed his shirt (Philippine Flag design) and ask him if he’s a Filipino. No wonder he said yes. I told him I am actually alone and he then invited me to join his mates.



New Friends from Balmain. Troy Andres, Prince Mandap and Courtney. Sorry I can't remember the other names. Well yeah thanks for the beers.

New Friends from Balmain. Troy Andres, Prince Mandap and Courtney. Sorry I can’t remember the other names. Well yeah thanks for the beers.

Grabbed picture from Prince's Facebook.

Grabbed picture from Prince’s Facebook.

Most of the crowd in the bar are mostly rooting for Pacman. You can hear the crowd roar when a punch landed on Mayweather’s face. Sadly, they are as much disappointed in the outcome of the fight.

It's showtime!

It’s showtime!

Balmain crowd for the fight.

Balmain crowd for the fight.

Yeah. It is disappointing (and in way disgusting) to know the result of the fight. However it is already written in the books and let’s just move on. People who supports Mayweather have a point in saying that Money May is a boxer and Pacman is a fighter. That technically, as per the rules of boxing, Money May is the better boxer. Well, if that is what good boxing is, I may say that I won’t bother to support this sport anymore. For the rest of my life.

Move over boxing. #boxingisdead

PS: Tinatamad na akong i-translate yung first paragraphs. Hahaha.


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    • Yeah at first I didn’t know that there are pinoys here as I have heard they are more likely to live in suburbs of NSW. So I am surprised and thankful to have you around.


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