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“Ang pag-ibig parang taho, sa umpisa mainit pero kalaunan lumalamig din. Habang ito ay lumalalim, lalong tumatamis.”


12 thoughts on “Taho-got

  1. When Iwas in the Philippines, we waited for the taho man every morning. My cousin just loved it…. she misses it here in the US.

    About the cup….. it looks like Starbucks. I wish they didn’t intentionally misrepresent their products. In China, most American logos are copied… sometimes, a letter is altered, but no one will notice it unless one looks closely. For example.. kellogs, 7-11 store logo, Coca Cola, etc.

    • I guess they ‘intentionally’ put it there for attention. Lol. I was actually thinking of putting the title of this post as ‘Starbucks’ to compare my morning ‘coffee’ against other’s morning coffee. Theirs is worth P150 while mine (the taho) is just P20. πŸ˜€

    • If their product became popular, they’d be sorry they didn’t use an original logo. Folks should not copy someone’s merchandise, like Calvin Klein or Prada because they would only be fooling themselves. I’m not being snobbish, but I saw a woman who didn’t look like she was well-off enough to afford to buy a Coach bag. A small Coach wallet costs a $100 here in the US. It would be great if they could make a nice purse with real Filipino brand the country would be proud of. Just my take on this.

    • It is just sad that we, as Filipinos, have doubts on our own products. I guess the government should take charge in helping these products improve as well as help them to be known and promoted towards our countrymen as well as abroad.

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