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Just as Sir Peter said the other day ago: Men who wear pink are those who are comfortable with themselves.

Most associate these colors to women and by having a guys wear them would be teased gay or unmanly. I love pink. I wouldn’t mind having a car painted with it. Though yellow is still my favorite color lol.

lebron zoom soldier

Nike Lebron Zoom Soldier 9 Think Pink. The first time I saw it, I wanted it for myself. A good thing to know also when I bought it, as the sales person told me, that a portion will go for breast cancer awareness. Honestly this is just the second basketball shoes I bought for myself my whole life. Thanks to Jonalyn for supporting me in buying this “James Lebron” as she mentioned it, though not with the payment lol.

kd nike frame

It’s sad but I have to accept it. My vision is not that good anymore. Got this KD Nike Frame with 50 grade lenses (tama ba English ng 50 grado haha) for myself. The Nike and the pink was actually unintentional. It was just the best pair of glasses offered to us in Ideal Vision.

Tulugan na. 5am pa ako bukas. ❀


13 thoughts on “Pink

  1. Thank you for the mention … πŸ˜‰

    Wearing glasses takes getting used to if this is the first time to do so. In our line of work, we really need to have clear vision to do what we are tasked to do.

    You are now one of us hehehe…

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  3. Wow Cheesecake, magsasalamin na πŸ˜€ Cool πŸ˜€ One of us ka na nga (though nabasag nang tuluyan yung akin 😦 ) lol πŸ˜€

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