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A Series of Still Unfortunate Events

Dear Globe,

Here is our series of unfortunate events under your services:

September 14-15: A series of mails came from and to Globe ( sending out requirements and application details. This has been used as the channel for the internet service application since they didn’t allow my wife to apply on my behalf in their service since I was still in Australia that time. She brought with her my IDs and our marriage contract, but still was not allowed by the assisting agent. I even insisted to talk to the agent via Skype, yes I was talking to my wife the whole time, but told her that it is not needed since she wouldn’t allow it anyway. Now, I can’t find the reason why sending email with my scanned Ids is better than the physical ids and talking to me via Skype. Oh well.

September 18: The turnaround was quick and the installer, under a company contracted by Globe, came to us in a few days to install the internet service. All is good until the guy refused to extend the cable up insisting that the protocol is to only have up to 15 feet of it. It is clearly just around 10 feet and when my brother nicely asked for it, the installer raised his voice and argued with this ‘protocol’. My brother had to resort to calling the customer service during this event and even the customer service on the phone is hearing the ramblings of this asshole installer. This sort of modus operandi is not new to us. The guy just wanted us to pay extra for the cables with the money going to his own pocket. My wife then told him to stop doing it to cease the argument but just then replied: “E Ma’am nasimulan ko na e.”

Since then we are happy with the service we are getting. I applied for 5 mb internet and was getting more than 4 mb. In our previous ISP, BayanTel, we are getting 1mb or less against the supposed 3 mb. Well, if you don’t know yet, Globe has already acquired / acquiring BayanTel. Until…

September 26: Agents from Globe, I assume, came to our house to check for the installation and the concern for the short cable provided to us. They agree that it was indeed the fault of the installer and should have done the proper installation. I was advised that there will be someone coming back to fix it. As of this posting, none came.

September 27: We lost internet service. I called the Customer Service for support. The following day, internet service resumed on its own. No updates or confirmation was sent by Globe.

October 3: Internet went down again. I called Customer Service for this and told me he can’t create a new ticket because the earlier ticket (September 27) is still open. He told me he will call support to close the ticket for him to create a new one.

October 4: Still no internet. I called again Globe and I was advised that NO ticket was created the earlier day. This time the ticket was created and is scheduled for an October 8 visit. I kept my cool since I understand the work of these guys and that one of them is basically relay messages to the proper channels. I insisted that I use internet for work and that I needed this as soon as possible.

October 5: Still no F-ing internet. Same story. They said they will TRY to escalate to have the visit on the day or the day after. It wasn’t TRIED.

October 6: Still no F-ing internet. Same story. Earlier today my wife called in and this time they told us that they found out that the is a ‘jumper’ in our connection. I immediately called back again confirming the update. After confirming that it is the case, I asked what would be the next steps. I felt that the agent just scratched his head. “Don’t you apprehend or file a case against these people or even try to trace the house connected to the internet via this jumper?”. A moment of silence. Then the same routine ending the Customer Service call.

I don’t know if it is for cost-efficiency that Telcos contract smaller companies to do the installation and maintenance services for their company. But the problem with this strategy is that they somehow lost control over the quality some of these companies deliver. These contractors are assigned to each area. And with that I remember the lines that the Customer Service agent told me: “We can’t assure you that it will be another installer that will come to your house. That is, that same installer may still be assigned to go back to you.” We can’t help but think this is the work of this ‘Zorca’ (surname of the installer, though I still doubt that this is his real surname. He didn’t even bother to put his full name on the receipt) as a revenge for reporting him. How can we fix this illegal jumpers if the installers themselves do the crime? How can you catch the culprits if they people looking for them are they themselves?

I assume that there will be a billing reversal for this though it will never be enough for the mess it caused. Two things: Senior Programmer, Work from Home. Boom.

I know I am bound for the 2 year (or 1 year) no termination contract. But how about if you can’t deliver? Can I terminate?!

Juan Carlos Elorde
(didn’t put my landline for privacy purposes, just look it up on your system)

UPDATE as of October 11. Our internet resumed last Sunday. Pwede naman pala magpapunta ng technician with a call the same day. Ang reason for the loss of service? May nagtanggal daw ng cable namin sa cabinet.

9 thoughts on “A Series of Still Unfortunate Events

  1. NTC should trash that “no termination contract” especially when a customer is extremely unsatisfied with the provider. It’s just plain stupid to continue paying for an obviously crappy service. Screw you, Globe. And PLDT, too.

    • in this instance i guess i wouldn’t blame globe directly. their contractors (installers) are the culprit in this scenario. the blame globe has is that they can’t or won’t handle the case or just simply doesn’t care about it.

  2. I found the Globe sub-contractor cold and callus. To many businesses only want to profit from your high priced fees and provide poor, in this case, illegal services. When Globe is already providing poor service and being paid premium rates, we are being treated as “Cash Cows” by both Globe and the sub-contractor. It is time, we customers, think ‘out of the box’ I’m suggesting we organize a potential list of persons that would subscribe to a service that was moral and honest in their customer base. I’ve begun making this suggestion on a wordpress blog. PSI4A.

  3. Me again. I’m interested in your service now 11 Oct to now. I’ve been getting 0.11 for several weeks. I’m a postpaid customer since Yolanda 2013. I’m interested in how we can make Globe more responsive to their customer base. They are expanding the customer base but it seems the infrastructure in all areas is not keeping pace. That means, customers are being treated like “Cash Cows”!! Increase the customer base, skimp on infrastructure to keep pace = increase in profits while providing poor service. I’ve posted to all my social media outlets. Thanks for posting this on wordpress.

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  5. Would you believe – checked speeds at 1:46am 5.65 download, at 5:13am 8.90 download, hadn’t seen those speeds maybe for two weeks passing. Keep reading my blog and get others interested. That’s how we begin to do this towards getting better service or a honest provider. I’m making contacts as the way opens up. Numbers count. I’m also making suggestions to talk2globe. 1st suggestion; “T2G representatives should have at their finger tips, customer’s ids info, location, towers in the area, list of first or previous concerns, the plans they have, and ask if the latest concern was successfully addressed. Strange how my question, “Has Globe reduced my speed never received an answer now my speeds are up again. I see the tower from my house, so no big deal I guess. For a company to brag about providing 4/5 mbps to a large part of their customer base is a ‘joke’. My WiFi Mobil advertised at 4 mb, get at my home location 1-8+ mbps depending on time of day. I do my most important work in the very early mornings. Get others interested that is the first step and don’t fail to comment to show support. Thanks for the first like on the blog.

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