Is there something I should know?

Is there something I should know?


7 thoughts on “Condensed

  1. I think Condensada is the cheaper alternative. May slight difference man sa pagkagawa, halos the same parin ang quality. It’s more for the price-oriented customers I guess.

    More than anything else, I think it’s really just a packaging technique. Instead of changing the old packaging to a new one, they created another para they could still have both markets; the loyal buyers and the ones looking for something new. They’ve also managed to use different terms or acquired the terms of the competitors para yung buyers maisama yung product nila sa mapagpipilian. Dapat din di masyado malayo yung packaging nila sa ibang competitors para minsan yung buyers malito. πŸ™‚

    • well i am actually thinking that this is misleading. kunyari, sasabihin with angus beef, tapos yung meat na beef pala na yun, e mga nasa 0.0001% lang yung composition ng angus beef.

      in the case of creamer vs milk, hindi ko na alam haha. kapag creamer kasi ang unang papasok sa isip mo e yung coffeemate. natry ko kainin yung coffeemate as is parang hindi naman gawa sa dairy, lasang niyog lol.

      it feels like that if i am buying a creamer, i am getting less of a real milk?

    • Hmm medyo misleading nga since yung buyers don’t have much time to determine the differences pero I think they conducted surveys or tests to check ano yung perception usually ng mga buyers when it comes to reading labels. They would just hope na maintindihan ng buyers na yung condensada is for the masa market so definitely may slight difference sa quality. While yung isa is for the higher classes supposed to be.

      Yung sa question mo parang may tama ka dun. Since it’s a cheaper alternative may slight difference nga. Dahil creamer siya at hindi filled milk, it will manage the expectation of the buyer that they are not getting the milk in its original form. Pero they are suggesting in their packaging that it can be used like a cream that you add sa fruit salad. It can still be added as creamer sa coffee pero not like the “coffeemate” form but as a milk creamer like its predecessor. In actuality halos di pansin ang difference, sa packaging lang yan, strategy para tumaas ang sales. πŸ˜€

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