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Landers Superstore Review

For the first time, out of curiosity, we went to Landers Superstore at Balintawak to do some groceries. We went there around night time and parking space is almost full although there are still places where ‘Taguro’ can fit in. The place is reminiscent of the Makro we used to go to sometime ago, with the upscale ambience to it. No wonder you get to see and feel that the people coming in here are on the higher end of the society.


There is not much local stuffs to find here in Landers. You can find a lot of Doritos, Lays and Cheetos here but not finding V-Cut and Potato Chips. Almost are imported brands and it is really hard to find some items if you are specific to the branding. No Selecta or Nestle Ice Cream, Marby’s French Fries, Holistic Lamb and Rice Dog Food, Good Boy Dog Food or McCormick Condiments. But if you are into imported good from food snacks and canned goods, then this place is heaven for you. To say it another way, it is like a store selling what you would usually see inside a balikbayan box hailing from Canada or the United States.


Here’s the fun part and the reason of this post. Lol. One of the items in our grocery list is ‘Corned Beef’. When we say corned beef, we subconsciously refer it to the one made by Purefoods. Unfortunately, we can’t find one. The options are the ones from Hereford, Libby’s and Palm. We can actually buy Palm (we actually love Palm and buys one time to time but not always) priced at P196, making us save like P10 to P20 versus its price at Landmark Trinoma. But at the end of the day, we spent around P40 more than getting the Purefoods one.

There is also a deceptive tag for a 3-pc Glade Air Freshener tagged at P179 but when we went to the cashier to checkout, the P179 was the price of one of the 3, making the package worth over P500 instead.

There was even an 8-pc toothbrush set from Colgate priced at P899.75.


The amount of grocery bags/box we took home was worth around P5000 when we could have easily get it from Landmark Trinoma or SM North Hypermarket at around half the price. I am not sure if we are to go back here noting the ‘should have been’ savings and it also worth mentioning the P640 membership cost that you need to pay just to ‘get in’.

Maybe we will. Just maybe.


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    • ikaw din buhay pa πŸ˜€ puro sa FB ko na lang nakaka-connect yung mga ‘lumang’ bloggers.

      kami din mukhang una at huli yang pagpunta namin dyan.

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