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Mu-X Owners Philippines

Last Sunday, my wife and I had a chance to meet up with our car group Mu-X Owners Philippines or MuXOP for short held at Quezon City circle. By the name itself, one is entitled to join if he/she owns an Isuzu Mu-X. The meet was for, aside from the EB itself, inducting new members like me. It was actually our second time to show up for an event of the group where the first one was in Inggo’s Grill beside CCP. Dun kami actually nagpa-register tapos dahil busy-busyhan ang peg, nito ko lang nakuha yung member’s kit ko from the group.

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Well, the reason of this post is actually because of my admiration to the members of the group especially the leads who are labelled the Board of Trustees. As Sir Dem, member of the board, mentioned is his opening speech, walang Presidente yung grupo. Instead, the group is being ran democratically by the board. The admiration comes from how dedicated and passionate these fellow for the group especially those who are dual citizens. Filipino citizen at the same time senior citizens. Imagine that even though this specific event was held in Quezon City, I heard that there are even members who came that are from outside NCR (Bagiuo I think?).

Back sticker pang #muXSpotted

Bonafide member na si Taguro

Then there was overflowing foods that some of the members brought. Mega potluck. Here’s the thing, I paid P800 for the member’s kit that I got on the event. Sa kit palang alam ko nang worth it na yung P800, given especially na yung ID ng group entitles me to discounts to auto-related shops na in-accredit yung MuXOP. Now, ibawas mo yung kinain naming pansit, menudo, toasted siopao, krispy kreme, pizza, kakanin, c2 drink, flavored water at iba pa. Pasensya na po gutom lang kami nung time na iyon. Ang tagal din nagsimula ng induction e. Lol. But wait there’s more! May pa-raffle pa before the closing. Sayang lang at hindi kami nabunot.

Typo yung middle initial. Lol.

Here you see my point? These guys really shows the Family Spirit. Bukod pa dun sa may 24/7 pa na support sa iyo kapag may questions ka via Facebook. That is why I didn’t mind shelling extra pesoses sa malaking MuXOP sticker na sila mismo voluntarily magdidikit sa mu-X mo. Now, we are anticipating the 1st Year Anniversary of the group to be held in Pampanga next August. Expect a full force on my family’s end all wearing acid gray anniversary shirts.

Good luck, more power at salamat sa MuXOP.


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