Personal Musings

Day Eight: Three Turn Ons

1. Babaeng mapaglaro. Ang nakaka-turn-on sa akin na unang una ay ang isang babaeng mahilig maglaro. Hindi lang dapat isang laro ang alam niya, dapat marami katulad ng mga nasa baba: Bahay-bahayan: Minsan, may mga tao na ang gusto ay yung mga boyfriend/girlfriend material. Ako ang hinanap ko e yung marunong sa bahay-bahayan o isang… Continue reading Day Eight: Three Turn Ons

Gundam, TV and Movies

Gundam 00 on TV5

The Celestial Being will cruise their way into local TV! This coming Saturday (August 7, 2010) at2:00 pm, TV5 will air the latest Gundam series in the franchise (err, not really for Gundam 00 had its season 2 earlier this year). The story takes place a few years after today wherein the earth has depleted… Continue reading Gundam 00 on TV5


The Army Is Moving Out

Since we are moving onto a new house (had moved actually), I needed to pack also my Gundam kits. Well, apart from dusting them out, I find the time to also take some pictures and play around with them. I had the Exia disassembled for he doesn't fit onto the plastic bags 😀 Sniping target...… Continue reading The Army Is Moving Out


Gundam 00 Designer’s Color

I guess I have waited too long to buy any of Gundam 00 Season 2 kits. Maybe this is worth the wait. Bandai is just releasing "stuffs" then after sometime they will release the same "stuff" with a better look. They have released the No Grades, the Trans-ams, the High Grades, as well as the… Continue reading Gundam 00 Designer’s Color


SD Gundam Wing Zero Custom

Here is the full pic: Click Me This art is made and taken (without permission) from VR-Eli's Deviant Art This guy makes really cool SD (Super Deformed) Gundam / Mecha arts. And for the Zero Wing Custom, it came out in the Endless Waltz (Gundam Wing Movie) along with the other four Gundam Wing Mobile… Continue reading SD Gundam Wing Zero Custom


Perfect Grade Gundam 00

The Gundam Kit that I am well wishing for is the Perfect Grade Strike Rogue. You say wishing because this thing not only looks cool but also costs really much. Just about 5 regular Master Grade kits . It is not that I am familiar with the Gundam Strike Rogue storyline but simply among its… Continue reading Perfect Grade Gundam 00