That’s What We (Clash of Clans)



We are active war players. We donate more than we receive. We don’t donate the wrong troops. We don’t just give up.


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  • Have fun! That is the main reason we are on this game.
  • Be respectful at all times. Cursing, swearing, fighting and spamming is strictly prohibited. Though this is a game, there are real people behind these little buildings.
  • All members should join our The That’s What We Clan FB page.
  • As much as possible, please refrain from using the CoC chat for non-CoC messages. You can use the Facebook page instead.
  • Though we allow players with multiple accounts in the clan, we will prioritize new people coming in when the clan slot are full.


  • The clan’s war frequency is ALWAYS.
  • Anybody can donate troops in the clan castle as long as you meet the troop level requirement. Be mindful of the numbers than can be donated in the war castle.
      25 Troop Castle:
      6 Wizards Lvl4+, 1 Archer Lvl5+
      20 Troop Castle:
      5 Wizards Lvl4+
      15 Troop Castle:
      1 Valkyrie Lvl1+, 1 Wizard Lvl4+, 3 Archers Lvl5+
      10 Troop Castle:
      1 Valkyrie Lvl1+, 2 Archers Lvl5+
  • Please use every attack you have for the war. War activity will be monitored by the Leaders. If you can’t (e.g. Vacation Leave), just let us know.


  • The clan fosters equality among the member of the clan. The clan will have the Leader and a handful of Co-Leaders. The rest will be just members. The sole purpose of these people is to: start wars, accept people in and if needed, kick people out.
  • We may, however, promote individuals as needed into a Co-Leader given game activeness and clan loyalty.


  • Minimum Troop Level Donations:
      Barbarians, Archers, Goblins, Giants, Balloons – Raid: Level 4+, War: Level 5+
      Wizards – Raid: Level 3+, War: Level 4+
      Healer, Minions, Hog Riders – Raid: Level 2+, War: Level 3+
      Dragon, Pekka, Valkyries – Raid: Level 1+, War: Level 2+
      Golem, Witch – Raid & War: Level 1
  • Do not donate Goblins, Wallbreakers and Balloons unless requested.
  • Be mindful of the training times of troops. Do not ask for a Dragon just within a few minutes.
  • Do not demand. Always remember that it is a troop ‘request’.

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