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Kung gusto mo malaman kung gaano ka-trapik ang EDSA tuwing weekdays, isipin mo na lang na nakakakanood pa ako ng movie while driving. Usually, yung mga movies na dinadala e yung mga movies na hindi mo kailangan masyadong nakatingin. In this case, documentaries work well. Contrary to this, it will be a bad idea watching anime or kdrama unless marunong ka ng Japanese or Korean.

Below are some documentary suggestions na baka may interest kayo. Although yung iba dito, dati ko pa napanood.

Dinosaur 13 (2014)

Dinosaur 13. Screen grabbed via VLC.

Nakahukay ka ng Tyrannosaurus Rex na fossil. Si ‘Sue’ ay ang pinaka-kumpletong fossil ng T-Rex ever na nahukay. Matapos niyo itong mahukay, enter the US Government para gumawa ng paraan para kuhain sa inyo ang discovery niyo. True to life suspense siya.

Actually mas nauna ko pang nakita si ‘Sue’ sa personal bago ko napanood ang documentary na ito.

Searching for Sugar Man (2012)

Sixto Rodriguez. Screen grabbed via VLC.

Meron daw na isang musikero na sinunog ang sarili habang nagko-concert sa stage. Dahil dito, may mga sinirang plaka specific kung nasaan nakarecord yung track na Sugar Man dahil daw sa bad luck. Tapos, hindi pala totoong patay na siya. Little did the musician know na super sikat pala siya sa South Africa.

Merchants of Doubt (2014)

Imagine that companies hire people to spread doubt to people to protect their businesses. Like for tobacco companies, it was only until 1950s that they ‘found out’ that cigarettes causes lung cancer. Up until now, cigarette packets say May cause lung cancer, etc.”. Doubt.

Grabbed via VLC.

I though the documentary was just about cigarette then later on, it also talked about climate change. I may say I too was a victim of these doubt for some time, I believe that the warming of earth was because the earth’s orbit is somewhat closer to the sun than it used to be. Where did this doubt originate? Oil companies.

Grabbed via VLC.

I recommend you to watch it and get annoyed or angry.

Finding Vivian Maier (2013)

You bought thousand of negatives via an auction and found works of art from it. You don’t know who owns and took those picture but just signature ‘Vivian Maier’ on them.

Vivian’s stuffs.
Grabbed via VLC.

Tickets. Receipts. Postcards. Letters. Of Vivian.
Grabbed via VLC.

Honest Man: The Life of R. Budd Dwyer (2010)

A US state politician was wrongly convicted in a scandal that lead him to take his life publicly.

Budd Dwyer before his suicide.
Googled Image.

Happy watching!


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