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Day Two: Nine Things About Myself

This is the idea.

1. If I fell in a pit filled with big house spiders, I’d die of fear. Even thinking about it gives me the chill.

2. I am a Senior Configurations Engineer at MISNet, Inc. currently for around five years. Programmer in layman’s term. Software engineer in other words.

3. I was a DOST-SEI Scholar entering college. An ex-scholar that is. I took Computer Engineering for five years but shifted to Computer Science for two and a half years more to finish it. Seven and a half year to finish college.

4. I had a seizure once (not happened again yet so thank God) and have a panic disorder almost all my life.

5. My dream job is to be a game developer but I believe my true calling is to be a teacher. But I am afraid the latter won’t happen due to number 4.

6. The longest hobbies I have been on are: DotA and Magic: The Gathering Cards (both currently). I loved games since childhood (family computer). I believe the first RPG video-game that I finished is Grandia 2.

7. Dinuguan is my favorite food. Not the dry one or the wet one. I want the saucy one.

8. I learned to drink during the summer before high school. I also was able to try weed once in high school.

9. I was chosen to be a part of child artists pool that draws for the kids section of a leading local news paper. Sadly, I was never asked to commission for even a single one.

Now my brain stops and I fell asleep. FELT ASLEPT?

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